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Bubble Woods

4.20 | 5 Votes

Experience an engaging bubble shooter game as you take on the role of a cute squirrel in the woods. Use your mouse to aim and launch bubbles in order to match at least three of the same color, resulting in their pop and earn points. The more consecutive bubbles you pop, the more points you earn. In Paper.io 2, you will try to take control of as much land as possible. Leave your territory to capture new land, but watch out for enemies. You're safe on your own territory, but you are exposed to enemy attacks when you're leaving your safe zone. Watch your tail and don't be afraid to counter-attack. With a limited time of 60 seconds, strive to earn as many points as possible. Accumulating points will aid in leveling up, unlocking bonuses and enhancing your character for even greater achievements. Tip: Utilize the spacebar to switch bubbles for added strategy